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Our Story

How It All Started

Initially part of a larger IT outsourcing company, Mindy Support branched out in 2013 after realizing that it could support businesses around the world to meet their customer service and data annotation objectives. Mindy Support became an independent company in 2015 in response to a growing demand for annotation services, back-office, customer and technical support in a diverse range of industries. In more recent years we became a leading outsourcing partner for several Fortune 500 and GAFAM companies.

Over these short years, a close and enduring collaboration with our major clients has allowed us to evolve our expertise, our quality control, and our processes from quite humble beginnings to global industry standards. Our original ambition – to become an indispensable partner of every client we work with – has been realised, and this is a testament to our teams’ talent and their dedication to providing global services.

About Us

Today, our team consists of over 2,000 employees in six cities throughout Ukraine. Such strength in numbers allows us to deliver comprehensive support to our clients. It also means we have the resources to successfully launch new projects and scale up rapidly.

Our business encompasses a wide range of data annotation services as well as other BPO offerings including 24/7 customer support, back-office services and technical support, and sales & marketing assistance.

Our Team

We have a highly experienced management team with a track record of getting things done. Many of our senior staff have IT and customer support backgrounds, allowing them to implement and manage advanced quality-control processes. Most importantly, Mindy Support can scale up quickly without compromising quality.

Our employees enjoy working for Mindy Support because they get the opportunity to gain valuable experience working with renowned EU and US-based companies, to realize their potential, and fulfill their career ambitions. All team members contribute towards our continuous drive for excellence and help to uphold our five-star reputation. Long-term collaborations with several Fortune 500 and GAFAM companies is proof that our teams deliver the level of service expected from even the most demanding clients.

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  • Our Vision

    To continue our growth as a recognized partner for Fortune 500 and GAFAM companies in their data annotation and BPO requirements. At the same time, we seek to expand our services to busy startups, SMEs, and larger corporates, all of whom could benefit from working alongside our experienced and client-oriented teams.

  • Our Mission

    To provide exceptional efficiency and first-class client service at competitive rates, building and managing remote teams for global enterprises and busy start-ups alike.

  • Our Values

    At Mindy Support, we believe our values should be reflected in our work. When seeking new recruits, we want to make sure that our outlook and values align.

    • Community

      We are a dedicated community of individuals that work efficiently together to build something truly special.

    • Security

      At Mindy Support, we mitigate risks and strive for physical safety and cybersecurity. We put the security of our clients at the forefront, and do our best every day to meet these goals.

    • Excellence

      We do more with less, and do it better. We never compromise on quality while always striving for excellence.

    • Passion

      In everything we undertake we put forth effort, dedication and passion. Our team wakes up inspired every day to do an outstanding job.

Leadership Team

  • Evgenia Khimenko

    Chief Executive Officer

    The company’s CEO since 2015, Evgenia has been instrumental in transforming Mindy Support into one of the largest outsourcing firms in Eastern Europe, evolving the company from quite humble beginnings to global industry standards. A focused, driven and talented leader, Evgenia uses her rich experience and people skills to inspire and lead employees.

  • Volodymyr Mazur

    Chief Financial Officer

    A passionate and experienced professional with over 14 years of experience who started out in auditing and progressed to regional financial management and advisory roles with multi-nationals working within dynamic corporate environments. Key areas of expertise cover financial management including financial reporting in accordance with iFRS and US GAAP, audit, financial control, cost reduction, ERP implementation, processes design & related project management, business planning and investment modelling, international taxation

  • Kateryna Polishko

    Chief Operating Officer

    Kateryna Polishko graduated from Kyiv Linguistics University in 2006 with a Masters’s degree in English Language and Literature. She is an experienced leader with a proven success record in logistics and telecommunication industries. Her ability to proactively see opportunities makes her a magnificent COO. Her skills in people management, recruitment, and service quality management make her a particularly valuable asset. She easily manages large teams and improves processes on the move by combining the business mind and the human heart.

  • Michel Mertens

    Director Customer Support & BPO

    Michel is a hands-on executive with a large experience in the customer service industry, Originally from The Netherlands, he moved to Eastern Europe and built a contact center from scratch. Michel headed Teleperformance Russia & Ukraine for 15 years before joining Mindy Support. Michel has a 'fetish' for excellent customer support and while doing so, giving clients in-depth knowledge with each and every interaction we handle. 

  • Bogdan Fedorchenko

    Live Operations Manager

    Bogdan is a workaholic who is motivated by the passion and energy of the colleagues around him. A sharp-minded, results-oriented manager, he meets challenges head-on and sees them as opportunities for professional growth. Bogdan brings intelligence, passion and experience to new projects.

  • Alina Koval

    Head of Project office

    Alina made a positive impact from the moment she joined us as Deputy Head of Project Office. With her eye for detail and forward-looking attitude, she elicits positive feedback from clients and colleagues alike. Alina is meticulous at project management and analysis, ensuring customer satisfaction at every stage.

  • Oksana Yevko

    DA Project Manager

    Experienced Project Manager with exceptional skills in operations and sales. Oksana has a Masters Degree in Economics, an extended professional background in CRM and a long-term experience working in foreign markets. Her responsibility, diligence and excellent interpersonal skills are at the core of building up a reliable and trusting relationship with every client.

  • Yaryna Masniuk

    Project manager

    Yaryna is responsible for medical data annotation projects and serves as a HIPPA Privacy Officer. After receiving a Master's degree in Cell and Molecular Biology, she started her career in research but soon continued in the business and governmental sectors. Yaryna demonstrates solid analytical skills, her patience and attention to detail combined with enhanced communication skills allow her to deliver high-quality results to the clients.

  • Igor Zabolotnyy

    IT Security Manager

    Igor, with a degree in Information Technologies and major experience in systems administration, is a true benefit to our team. He enjoyed solving math and logic puzzles and it makes him a true “IT guy” in the company. Due to great communication skills it is easy to work alongside Igor.

  • Andriy Sluzhalyy

    Head of Automation team

    A software specialist, Andriy is our go-to guy when technical problems need to be resolved. A former systems administrator and software engineer, he is results-oriented and driven by the prospect of achieving new heights. All traits that enable him to accept fresh challenges and find out-of-the-box-solutions.

  • Pavel Dereniuk

    Quality assurance head

    Pavel’s background in computer systems and avid interest in AI make him a valuable resource. Overcoming difficulties and challenges is part and parcel of his job, which he does to an exceedingly high standard. Pavel’s skill and strength of character make him the perfect Quality Assurance Head.

  • Maksym Medetskyi

    Legal Counsel

    Maksym Medetskyi graduated from the Taras Shevchenko National University in Kyiv with a Masters Degree in Law. He is very experienced in IT and International Law and is especially valuable for our team. Maksym’s focus and responsibility have served him well in his attention to detail and experience in organizing a legal department from scratch. Maksym is a perfect fit for leading the Legal Department at Mindy Support.

  • Constantina Constantinou

    Head of Cyprus office

    Constatina graduated from the University of Cyprus with a degree in Economics. She joined Mindy Support in 2018 and her positive energy has allowed her to overcome a lot of work-related challenges. Thanks to her strong skills and expertise, she always gets the job done on time and in the most efficient way possible.

Operations centers leadership

  • Oksana Hayduk


    Oksana Hayduk is the Branch Manager at our Ternopil location. She has been with Mindy Support from the very early days and helped launch our Ternopil office from scratch. Her effective communication and management skills promote efficient work and a healthy team environment.

  • Inna Belokoz


  • Viktoriia Zhovtobriukh


    Viktoriia Zhovtobriukh manages our Rivne office. She sets a high standard of professionalism for her team with fairness, understanding and coming up with innovative ideas. She always wanted to work for a large company and she has been working at her dream job for two years already.

  • Roman Daramanchuk


    Roman Daramanchuk heads up our Lutsk office. He is an ambitious, career-oriented professional who is always eager to learn new skills and hone existing ones. He has been with Mindy Support for three years now and has proven himself as an effective leader and manager.

  • Nadiia Kremenchuk


    Nadiia Kremenchuk is the leader of our Poltava office. As a team leader, it is very important to organize all processes to make sure that all of the team members have comfortable working conditions and the client is happy as well. Nadiia has managed to accomplish all of this with her exceptional organizational and managerial skills.

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